Colourist Filipe Fernandes – interview

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Today I’m talking to Filipe Fernandes, a colourist I had the pleasure of working with on 3 of my films: „8 Remains“, „3 Lives“ and „The Curse of Hobbes House“

0:00 How Filipe Fernandes became a colourist in the film industry

3:01 What skills do a colourist need?

4:28 Advice to filmmakers from a colourist what not to avoid during shooting

5:44 The story about turning the runner into forest greenery (Filipe’s magic wand)

7:16 The process of colour grading

9:24 „8 Remains“ – a project saved in colour grade (DoP Marcus Schwemin)

13:22 Case study „The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady“, a short film with a VFX animated statue as the lead character in a real environment

16:24 Working and living the European dream

Connect with Filipe:

Instagram: @filipe_fernandes_grade
Film Shed’s Website: www.film-shed.co.uk

Trailer of „The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady“ https://vimeo.com/336579000

Link to „8 Remains“ 8remains.com