Speaking with post producer Pat Wintersgill

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Pat Wintersgill is a producer and the managing director of the post house Filmshed, which is responsible for the colour grading of my last three feature films. I had a chance to chat with him. Have a listen:

0:12 Introduction & being a runner in the film industry
1:26 The evolution of film to digital
3:35 The history of Pat’s company Filmshed
4:14 The process and importance of post production
9:33 Things to look out for to avoid problems in post, frame rate & green screen
15:13 The use of stagecraft
18:33 Pat’s own productions

If you want to connect with Pat:

Website: www.film-shed.co.uk

Instagram: @film_shed

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FilmShed

Twitter: @Film_Shed