Speaking with actor Kevin Leslie

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Today I’m speaking to Kevin Leslie, who I had the pleasure of working with in “8 Remains”, as well as “The Curse of Hobbes House.”

  • 00:47 The importance of action and cut when you work in a different language.
  • 03:24 “The Curse of Hobbes House”
  • 04:31 How Kevin prepared to play Nigel Thatcher
  • 08:00 What’s important in a role in order to commit playing the character? Making a difference and seeing the world differently when getting older.
  • 15:12 Being privileged and entitled.
  • 21:25 The movie “Lockdown”
  • 25:50 Takeaways for aspiring actors and actresses
  • 34:14 Remembering the shoot of “The Curse of Hobbes House”
  • 35:06 There’s no point going to work if you hate your job
  • 36:09 Gender balance on set

If you want to connect with Kevin, check out the links below:

Twitter –https://twitter.com/TheKevinLeslie

FB –https://www.facebook.com/KevinLeslieActor

Insta –https://www.instagram.com/kevinleslieactor/

His movies we spoke about:

Lockdown –https://www.facebook.com/OfficialLockdownMovie

8 Remains – http://8remains.com/

The Curse of Hobbes House – http://www.thecurseofhobbeshouse.com/