Talking with actress/producer Makenna Guyler

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00:25 Intro Makenna Guyler, actress & dog lover

02:04 Makenna in ‘The Curse of Hobbes House,’ the scene she loved the most, and a crazy children’s birthday party

10:55 Makenna’s exciting upcoming Sci-Fi mini-series and shooting during COVID19

13:42 The joy and advantages of shooting with smaller crews, teamwork and who should be responsible to get the coffee

18:20 Actor-director relationships

22:52 How does heart surgery compare to filmmaking and the importance of a good 1st AD

25:34 Advice from Makenna for aspiring actresses and actors and that relates to finding your identity and being enough for yourself

33:53 Kids are so authentic and can ground you

35:10 Mountain climbing (Makenna climbed the Kilimanjaro and the Mount Everest Base camp!) and expanding your limits

48:20 The Movie Method

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