Talking with director/cartoonist/writer Virginia Kennedy

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Today I’m talking to my long time friend, collaborator, director, cartoonist, writer, and much more – Virginia Kennedy, an Australian living in Malaysia (that’s where we met.)

00:20 Two white ladies in Malaysia.

01:08 About Virginia Kennedy.

01:45 Virginia and I co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the comedy mockumentary Kinks. The low-budget journey was fun, and stress, and took us to a lot of interesting locations, like a jungle camp. We also talk about low budget directing and the experience of co-directing, as well as my acting abilities.

10:13 How a German production got kicked out of Malaysia.

13:31 Shooting by the rules, with or without permit and bribery.

17:35 Stupid things white people do.

19:59 The things we really love about Malaysia.

24:10 The funniest receptionist ever.

27:11 Virginia’s future projects, 9 to 5 jobs vs. following your dream.

29:59 My future projects & breaking into the German market.

32:01 Persistence & passion are key.



Want to check out ‚Kinks‘, the film Virginia and I wrote, produced and directed? Click here!

If you want to connect with Virginia, here’s how:

Instagram: @datadoll

Facebook: @Virginiakennedypictures

Web: www.virginiakennedy.com