Talking with hair and make- up artist Pamela Ip

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Today I’m talking to Pamela Ip, a very talented hair and make-up artist with whom I worked with on my film 3 Lives. I simply love her work.

01:33 Following your passion and your childhood dreams

03:25 Working with other film departments and getting your hands dirty

05:18 The beauty of being a bit older when you find your calling

05:50 The most rewarding aspect of being a hair and make-up designer, every day is different and be prepared & organised!

08:53 Misperceptions about the job

10:18 Working with actresses and actors

11:48 Special FX make-up

13:15 Waiting for post COVID

16:00 Recommendations for people interested in becoming an hair and make-up artist



Want to check out ‘3 Lives’, the film I worked on with Pip, click here:

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