A chat with Mhairi Calvey, actress of Braveheart, 3 Lives, The Curse of Hobbes House

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Mhairi Calvey started acting at an early stage. With five, she made her debut in ‚Braveheart,‘ gaining international recognition.

For me (Juliane Block) Mhairi has been a lifesaver, playing the lead in my feature ‚3 Lives,‘ coming on board only days before principal photography started. The collaboration was so successful that I knew I wanted to work with her again. And we did in ‚The Curse of Hobbes House.‘

Today, Mhairi and I are talking about work, life as an actress, and things to look out for if you aspire to a career on screen.

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IMDB: imdb.me/mhairicalvey

Instagram: @mhairicalveyofficial

Facebook: Mhairi Calvey