Language coach Clifford De Spenser – interview

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Today I spoke to Clifford De Spenser, who I first collaborated with on the film “3 Lives” and who become an invaluable member of my team ever since.

  • 0:35 Intro of voice / language / dialect / dialogue coach Clifford De Spenser
  • 2:27 The up and downs in the film industry& the importance of networking
  • 3:37 Glamour on set (or the absence of it) & wearing the right clothes
  • 4.53 Shooting the film “3 Lives”
  • 7:49 Guerrilla filmmaking has similarities to being in the army
  • 10:16 The bigger the budget [..] the more silly they become
  • 13:44 A film set is like a medieval court
  • 15:03 The difference between dialect and dialogue coach (with a small detour to the early days of cinema)
  • 17:52 Advice to actresses and actors who aspire to be successful internationally
  • 21:07 What’s next

If you want to connect with Clifford: clemencyfilms.com

Link to „3 Lives“ 3livesmovie.com