Actor & musician Jeff Weber – interview

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For everyone who doesn’t know, once in a while I also do poster work, and that’s how I met Texas-based actor Jeff Weber, and we decided to do a podcast! Have a listen:

  • 1:11 Introduction of Texas-based musician & actor Jeff Weber, and learning a classical instrument in your childhood
  • 5:01 Getting into the movie industry (in your 40s)
  • 7:42 The difference between shooting music videos vs a narrative film, and the story behind „What I’d Do For You“
  • 11:37 Advice for aspiring actors and musicians
  • 13:16 Killing bugs, spiders & scorpions
  • 15:07 We are all a product of our environment
  • 18:58 “The Curse of Hobbes House” & the characters of Naser (Waleed Elgadi) and Eury Saul (Jo Price)
  • 20:40 What’s next

Connect with Jeff:

Instagram: @gojaydub

Facebook: @theradiogunners


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