Filmmaker Darcy Weir – interview

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Today I’m talking to Darcy Weir, a documentary filmmaker. We released our films through the same distributor and I was extremely impressed with Darcy’s ability to promote his docs.

  • 0:07 Documentary filmmaker Darcy Weir
  • 0:34 How “X-Files” and “Harry and the Hendersons” led to UFOs and Sasquatch documentaries
  • 4:10 Having a distinctive target audience & getting your film out there: be passionate about what you do
  • 6:31 Are members of UFO groups believers?
  • 9:09 Telling your side of the story and how to deal with charlatans
  • 16:25 Filming on sight, finding and interviewing your subjects

If you want to connect with Darcy you’ll find all his films & trailers here: